Tips to keep your house looking new

So you are finally in your brand new home. Everything looks perfect, and that is when the fear sets in. How are you going to keep your house in this condition? Here are a few tips to keep your new home looking like new.

Put it into your routine

There are simply practices you can add to your life that will help keep the new feeling as long as possible. Taking your shoes off at the door will help keep your carpet clean. Forbidding grape juice and wine from places with light colored carpets will help prevent stains. In fact, keeping all food contained in the kitchen and dining room will help in the same regard. In general, just respect your home, but do not go overboard. Yes, you want to keep everything looking great, but you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in your own home. Only incorporate habits that feel okay to you and don’t overreact when accidents happen. They are going to happen. That’s life.

Clean regularly

Homes really start to lose their polish when things aren’t cleaned. Having a regular cleaning routine will not only help maintain what you have, it will also prevent any small cleaning related problems from getting worse. Still, even with regular cleaning, you should do a deep clean every month. Clean those facets, dust those corners, and shampoo that carpet. That way you can really tackle the areas that get passed over on a regular basis. By doing a deep clean once every month, you will get rid of dust before it becomes too thick and stains before they become too permanent.

Prepare for winter

There are certain things that should be done before the cold weather sets in to prevent big problems from happening. Shut off your external water and make sure all outdoor facets and hoses are clear of water. Make sure your gutters are clear and, if possible, check for any loose or missing shingles. If you are concerned about your garden, consider putting mulch or burlap sacks around it to keep your plants warmer during the winter months. Finally, cleaning the dirt off your exterior window seals will help you make sure those seals are intact. All of these efforts can help you avoid major problems and expenses.

Buy the proper aids

Some small purchases can really go a long way in keeping your house looking new. For example, a welcome mat both outside and inside your front door can help keep mud and dirt from being tracked through the house. To keep your cat away from your furniture, you can invest in a scratching pole. Think about small purchases that will work with you to maintain your house.

Keep things maintained

To make the most out or your home and appliances, small tasks will go a long way. Things like changing filters and cleaning spills immediately will keep your appliances looking and working like new longer. Touching up paint or removing small stains from countertops will keep the appearance of your house looking great. Washing and polishing your furniture should also be considered because while it is not part of your house, it definitely adds to the look of your house.

While there is no way to prevent your house from aging, following these maintenance tips will keep it looking as new as possible as long as possible.

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