Greg & Beth


All of the handwork you put into our bathroom and kitchen projects is greatly appreciated. Your craftsmanship and customer service are second to none. We hope we are fortunate enough to build a home with you and day! If any future customers ask for referrals, send them our way. We’ll be sure to refer you to anyone we can!

Mike & Kim


We can’t thank you enough for making this process of building a house so smooth. It was a delight to work with both you and Nick. It is so evident that you care about your clients and we would recommend you to anyone who may be in the market to build a house. Wishing you the happiest of holidays with your family. Hope to see you around the neighborhood!

Jackie and George


Now that we have settled into our new home, we can truly say the house is everything we hoped it would be, and more. We wouldn’t change a thing in the house. The care, craftsmanship and the attention to detail in building the house is evident everywhere. Although nervous to take on the task of building a new home, working with such a knowledgeable team of experts made the process exciting and much easier than we would have expected. 

Brian and Nick Thorson took the time to listen to our needs when designing the house and helped us make informed decisions on the many details that went into building our dream home. As important as it is having builders with the experience and skill needed to build the structure, the team of experts Thorson Homes put together to address the financial and real estate needs was a key to the success of the whole project. 

Patty Gohman, with Thorson Homes and ReMax Advantage Plus, not only helped us with the details associated with purchase of the new home, but also helped us sell our existing home quickly. We were also given a special rate because we were working with Thorson on our new home build. Likewise, Mary Illetschko at Merchants Bank offered assistance in securing the right financing for this project. 

Thorson Homes provided us with a whole team of experts that included: designers, craftsmen, financial and real estate. This team gave us confidence in every decision we had to make along the way.

Luke & Ken


Our relationship began in 1986 when we built our first home, a Thorson Home.

We always knew that we would build one more home. There was no question in our minds as to who that builder would be. Thorson Homes is reputable, well respected and builds a high quality custom home with pride. Brian and Nick Thorson (Father and Son) are personable, professional and a pleasure to work with.

In early 2019, the process began for our new custom dream home.
In July 2019, we moved in and are now living in that dream.

We had ideas, plans and a vision. Brian and Nick along with their architect, contractors and suppliers made it all happen. From our first meeting to moving in, the process was smooth, streamlined, exciting and fun! And yes … well worth it!

We highly recommend Thorson Homes! We have recommended them to friends – who are now customers.

Proud, Happy, Grateful and Thankful

Kris & Cal Robertson