Financing Your New Home

We realize that building an Eagan new construction or Lakeville new construction can sound intimidating. The idea of money may worry you, but did you know that building a new construction may actually help you save money in the future? More durable building materials and new technology tend to make newer homes 100% more efficient than homes built in 1970s.

This extends to low-maintenance siding and 30-year shingles. Plus, it will be a long time until you ever have to worry about the usual updates and fixes you would have to consider if you were buying a home. As an additional attempt to give you peace of mind, we offer warranties for craftsmanship, mechanical, and structural issues.

We also have preferred mortgage brokers that can help you get the money you need. We choose to work with these people because they are experienced, detail-oriented, and understand how we work at Thorson Homes. That means they will evaluate your financial goals to craft the ideal mortgage program for your new home construction.

Contact: Bryan Bentley


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